Banneton Bread Proofing Basket Round 8.5 Inch with Linen Liner Set - B07DQR6ZH6

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  • 【Material】: Made of 100% natural rattan cane, diameter of 8mm, thicker and stronger.

  • 【Health Security】: Use original rattan cane without any bleach process, food safe and eco-friendly.

  • 【Craftsmanship】: Hand weaved by experienced weavers following traditional craftwork. It is a handicraft and also a best gift for home bakers to bake Artisan Bread.

  • 【Notes】: The color may be slightly different in different light. There is an estimated deviation of 1-2 cm with manual measurements.

  • 【Package Included】: One rattan basket 8.5*8.5*3.3 inches (diameter 22 cm* 8.5 cm)& One linen liner combo

  • Size:Round 8.5 inch

    This brotform basket is a coiled cane basket that holds the shaped dough during its final proof. Proofing bread in a basket gives support to an expanding loaf and helps it maintain its shape. When the basket is a brotform, it also imprints the crust with a beautiful spiral pattern that lends the finished loaf a rustic European flair.

    How to Use:

    1.A liberal dusting of flour not only prevents the dough from sticking to the unlined brotform; it's also what leaves the pretty pattern on the loaf. You can swear by rice flour or wheat flour to minimize sticking. It's better to use too much than too little; excess flour can be brushed away lightly with a pastry brush before baking.
    2. Don't bake the bread in the proofing basket!
    3. To unmold the proofed loaf, turn the brotform over and whack one edge briskly against the peel at a 30-degree angle.
    4. No need to wash brotform often. You can clean the flour out with a stiff brush, then air-dry them completely before storing them. However, they can, if necessary, be washed in plain warm water and dried in a low oven. Keeping them bone-dry is essential so they don't get moldy.

    Banneton Bread Proofing Basket Round 8.5 Inch with Linen Liner Set - B07DQR6ZH6

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